Hello, dear shanty friends

Our choir was established in 1871 by ca. 30 men with the name
„Liedertafel Lütjenwistedt von 1871”
In those days our town was called Lütjenwistedt. Till the present day the choir survived all unexpected things without serious damage.

End 2001 however, we faced serious problems. At the annuale general meeting of 2002 the previous vice-chairman, Hartwig Saul, was elected chairman. He instigated the new direction from a general choir into a shanty choir.

A new musical leader, Lutz Cassel, was found, who supported the new chosen direction. The choir is now called Shantychor Lütjenwestedt 1871. The chairman, Hartwig Saul, designed a new logo based on the newly introduced choir motto:

You cannot change the wind
but you can trim the sail properly

Shanty Choir - Sailor

Now our choir sails with favourable winds, also thanks to our active and supporting members. Let's hope, that it will remain for ever.

Our homeport lies in the north of Germany, in Schleswig Holstein, in the triangle between Rendsburg - Heide - Itzehoe, on the banks of the Kiel Canal, the most frequented artificial shipping route in the world.

You can send us an email at Contact and we would be very pleased to read a few lines in our Guestbook.

We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon. All shanty choirs we wish fair winds and sufficient crew.

The crew of Shantychor Lütjenwestedt 1871 sends
their best regards.